• Lunar New Year: Traditions, Culture, and Cute Rabbit Stickers

    I'm grateful to be able to share my Chinese New Year traditions. Giving my students a lucky red envelope is the perfect way to end the lesson. Obviously, I can't give the kids money, so I decided I'm going to DIY and make some stickers for them! Wishing you good fortune, prosperity, and happiness in the new year. 
  • Cricut Crafter Holiday Gift Guide

    Tis the season for gift shopping! What do you get a crafter for Christmas when they can DIY everything on their own? As a self-taught Cricut learn...
  • Making Handmade Stickers With A Cricut - DIY Craft Tutorial

    My process has worked well for me. I found fun and success in sticker making, so I decided to take the plunge and launch my sticker shop! In this post, I'm giving you ALL the details to making your OWN STICKERS!

    Enough about my sticker journey — let’s get learning!