I'm Christine, the creator and owner of Created By Christine. I'm a first grade elementary school teacher and small business owner based in Westfield, New Jersey. You can find me making my second or third cup of coffee or doodling on my iPad. I enjoy chasing after all things bright and happy in life.

I love designing uplifting and positive goods to inspire and encourage others. I turn my digital illustrations into stickers, stationery, glassware, and more!


Fueled with passion and a mission to spread positivity, Created By Christine was established in September 2020.

Months before, I committed time and energy back into what I love to do most, but put aside for too long: creating. I learned how to create handmade stickers with my Cricut one by one. After enduring many challenges and successes, I envisioned the potential of this growing into much more. What impact could I make with my passion for creating? How can I offer positivity and share my piece of creativity with the world? With no formal business degree, but with extensive research and self-taught learning, I took the big leap and started my small business on Etsy.

Fast forward to today, I have expanded with much more products and designs. I love focusing my creations around uplifting and positive quotes. Sometimes, we need a reminder to be the best versions of ourselves... so why not be reminded with cute and pretty little stickers and things? 

All products in my shop are designed by me. It's so fun to be a part of every step in the process: from conceptualizing the design, to researching how to best bring it to life, all the way to packaging and shipping the happy mail to you! 

I am continuously creating more designs, adding more products to the shop, and sharing my creative processes, tips, and behind the scenes! After all, it is my responsibility to live and breathe the values I instill in my young students: Learning is a lifelong journey. 


Instagram: @createdbychristine

TikTok: @createdbychristine

Pinterest: @createdbychristineco