March 2024 Digital Wallpapers

March 2024 Digital Wallpapers

Do you feel spring in the air? It's March madness!

...the madness of us already being in March of the new year! (Can I still call it the new year at this point?) To me, March is a breath of fresh air as we transition into a new season. 
Hopeful for warmer days, longer daylight, and more opportunities to grow.
march phone wallpaper

Here are the phone and watch wallpapers. 

A quick reminder for how you can enjoy these wallpapers: 

Created By Christine wallpapers are for PERSONAL USE ONLYIt is not required, but it is appreciated when you give credit to Created By Christine. It shows support to create more art for you in the future.

HOW TO CREDIT: Tag @createdbychristine on Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You MAY use them for your phone background, IG highlights, IG Stories backgrounds, personal PowerPoints and backgrounds for personal use.

You may NOT share these files, resell, or reproduce them. You may NOT use any CBC wallpapers for products. To clarify, you may NOT use them as backgrounds or patterns on products you sell in Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, etc. You may not use them for free products either. Do not crop, change, photoshop, or alter the artwork in any way. 

Your respect and support for my art is greatly appreciated and allows me to continue sharing in this way. Thanks and enjoy! - Christine

Here's how to get your wallpapers:



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I shared in my email newsletter a few spring cleaning essentials for my office. If you're in need of some organization/cleaning, check these out:

SCREEN MIST SPRAY CLEANER - I use this for my laptop, iPad, and phone screens. I love that it includes the spray and the ability to wipe it down. 
  1. SCREEN MIST SPRAY CLEANER - I use this for my laptop, iPad, and phone screens. I love that it includes the spray and the ability to wipe it down.
  2. CABLE ORGANIZER - I recently just got this because I was getting overwhelmed with the amount of wires and charging cables tangled into each other.
  3. DESK VACUUM - This is my favorite desk accessory to share about! The amount of crafting and snack crumbs left behind is too much… I use this to suck up all the little particles left on my desk.
  4. HEADPHONE STAND - No more laying my headphones down wherever I feel like it. Instead, I got this stand to keep my headphones upright.
Here are some of the favorite spring stickers that just screammm spring. 
There's many more spring-vibing goodies on this curated page here
Cheers to spring coming :)
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Not me having all those spring stickers you shared lol happy spring!!! such springy wallpapers I lovee


Made the lucky charms my lock screen immediately :) thank u!


Happy March! Love the wallpapers this month. And yesss I use that desk vacuum alll the time!!!


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