July 2024 Digital Wallpapers

July 2024 Digital Wallpapers

Oh my, it's July

Hey there, sunshine! How's your summer treating you? Hopefully, you're soaking up the sun and enjoying those long, lazy and/or adventurous days!

We are halfway through 2024... can you believe it? (technically June 29 was the midway point of the year but same difference)

Coastal Cozy

Hoping the summer season is finding you well. I've been relaxing and chilling on my summer break, which got me inspired to design a chill wallpaper vibe.

I'm calling this month's wallpapers coastal cozy.

Looking to bring a little beachy vibe into your everyday screens? I've got you covered with my new "Coastal Cozy" wallpapers. Transform your phone/devices into a seaside retreat with just a few clicks. It's like a mini vacation every time you look at your screen! 

Beat the Heat

When the temperature starts to climb, it's time to get creative with your cooling strategies. Try freezing some grapes for a refreshing snack, or make your own DIY air conditioner with a fan and a bowl of ice. (I tried the fan/bowl of ice the other day... couldn't really decipher if it worked because my puppy Copper kept taking the ice cubes out of the bowl to eat LOL but let's just say the effort was there...)

Stay Hydrated, Stay Fabulous

Remember, hydration is key during these scorching summer months. Keep a water bottle by your side at all times and sip, sip, sip away. And hey, if you're feeling fancy, add some fresh fruit or herbs for a little extra pizzazz. (Can't go wrong with some lemon + strawberry!!) Hydration never looked so good.

Terms and Usage:   

A quick reminder for how you can enjoy these wallpapers: 

Created By Christine wallpapers are for PERSONAL USE ONLYIt is not required, but it is appreciated when you give credit to Created By Christine. It shows support to create more art for you in the future.

HOW TO CREDIT: Tag @createdbychristine on Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You MAY use them for your phone background, IG highlights, IG Stories backgrounds, personal PowerPoints and backgrounds for personal use.

You may NOT share these files, resell, or reproduce them. You may NOT use any CBC wallpapers for products. To clarify, you may NOT use them as backgrounds or patterns on products you sell in Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, etc. You may not use them for free products either. Do not crop, change, photoshop, or alter the artwork in any way. 

Your respect and support for my art is greatly appreciated and allows me to continue sharing in this way. Thanks and enjoy! - Christine

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